Mill Way

Mill Way
Remnants of Blish’s Tide Water Grist Mill (2021)

Mill Way Miscellany

by David Loring Crocker (1909-1983)

I was born on November 22, 1909 in the little red Cape Cod cottage on Mill Way at the junction of what was once a private way which became Freezer Road after the cold storage plant was built in Barnstable Village. Except for living the last few years on Freezer Road, I have lived all my life on Mill Way, in the house where I was born …In fairly recent years it has bothered me considerably and, as my two daughters would say, “Drives my father up the wall”, to see in print, especially in legal notices, present day deeds and other instruments, (the authors of which should know better), the words, Millway Road, Millway Street and Millway Lane. Be it known that Mill Way was the Way to the Mill, Blish’s tide water grist mill which was at the Mill Pond, …

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